Portable Appliance Testing service

ARGoMAS Ltd. provide PAT testing services to all industry sectors. The service ensures that your business complies with health and safety legislation and insurance requirements. Our PAT Testing info pdf can be downloaded here.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is essential to the safety of your employees, the public and your business. Our electrical tests are carried out under the IEE code of practice for in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment and HSE guidelines.

Every appliance with a plug will be opened and inspected, checked for the correct wiring, making sure that all terminals are secured and that the correct fuse type is fitted. Upon completion of the PAT testing procedure, you will be promptly provided with a certificate and detailed test results in an easy to understand format.

We guarantee that you will be provided with the highest quality service available at a competitive price.

For a free, no-obligation PAT testing quote, please contact us.

Common Questions:

What Is PAT Testing?  

Ensuring that electrical appliances are well maintained and safe for continued use is a legal requirement.

Just like a yearly MOT test on a vehicle ensures that it is safe for use, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) includes numerous checks and tests which ensures that electrical appliances are safe for continued use.

Why Is PAT Testing Required?

  • Unsafe electrical appliances pose a great risk of causing electric shock and are a fire hazard!
  • Many local authorities and insurance policies now stipulate that electrical appliances are covered by an up to date Portable Appliance Test (PAT) Certificate.
  • Portable Appliance Testing helps to ensure that your property or workplace is kept safe for yourself, your staff and members of the public.