What is it?

ISO 9001 is, in simple terms, the most widely recognised quality management system standard in the world. It can be implemented by any organisation regardless of size or business sector. It helps a company to plan better and deliver their products and services in a consistent way that keeps both them and their customer happy.

Most businesses would like to improve how they operate in some way, whether by reducing costs, increasing productivity, targeting new markets, reducing risk or improving customer satisfaction. By properly implementing and maintaining a quality management system this shows a commitment to continual improvement and will help demonstrate credibility and confidence to your customers, suppliers, stakeholders and employees.

Why would I need it?

Having ISO 9001 certification can make a big difference if you are bidding for contracts or tenders. Alternatively it may be a contract requirement or you may be encouraged to have it by your supply chain partners.

Benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Simplified and effective processes
  • Reduced costs
  • Consistent service delivery
  • Better communication with customers and staff
  • Improved customer satisfaction and repeat business

What is involved?

We review what you already have in place and identify any gaps.

A plan of action is agreed to suit your timescales.

We facilitate greater understanding of the process and train your staff.

Audits are conducted to check your progress on what’s been implemented and we work together to achieve the project plan.

Once we agree your business is ready for external audit, we prepare you for this and provide any support required.

We have as much, or as little, involvement with you as you need.

ARGoMAS work on the understanding that you know your business better than we do, however, if we can help you improve by our understanding of working with systems there are even greater benefits to be achieved.

Download the Certification Process Flowchart.

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ISO 9001:2015 is the world’s most popular certified quality management system. It helps businesses to provide their product or service in a consistent manner. The system documents what you do, and more importantly, helps you to continually improve your processes to meet and exceed customers and stakeholders needs.

Benefits of ISO 9001:2015 Certification include competitive advantage as it is demanded more as a pre-requisite for tendering; improved efficiencies saving time, money and resources; continual improvement by benchmarking performance and service, allowing you to improve your business.