ISO 14001

What is it?

ISO 14001, in simple terms, is an internationally accepted standard that helps a company to identify, assess, manage and improve the immediate and long term environmental impacts of their activities, products, services and processes. As stakeholders turn their attention to corporate social responsibility, organisations of all types and sizes are increasingly turning their attention to how their activities, products and services are impacting on the world around us.

Why would I need it?

Having ISO 14001 certification can make a big difference if you are bidding for contracts or tenders. It can be a great way of ensuring compliance with environmental legislation. Alternatively it may be a contract requirement or you may be encouraged to have it by your supply chain partners.

Benefits can include:

  • Improvement in public perception of your company
  • Reduction in process and overhead costs
  • Reduction in wastes and more efficient use of resources
  • Lower insurance costs by demonstrating effective risk management
  • Compliance with legislation

What is involved? In addition to the entire process relating to ISO9001, we will help you to identify applicable legislation and develop your environmental aspects and impacts. ARGoMAS will facilitate development of your environmental objectives, targets and programmes and assist your business to achieve certification.

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ISO 14001:2015 is a certified environmental management system that is internationally recognized, and increasingly expected by stakeholders. It requires a business to manage its environmental responsibilities through commitments to legal compliance, pollution prevention and continual improvement.

Benefits of 14001:2015 include demonstrating concern for environmental impacts, increasing customer trust: competitive edge for tendering to expand business opportunities: environmental risk management: identifying efficiency improvement and cost reduction: and being ready for the ever changing business landscape.