CE Marking for manufacturers of steel structures

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to offer a design, supply or fabrication service for a steel frame structure that is not compliant with CE Marking in accordance with BS EN 1090. ARGoMAS Ltd has significant experience in providing consultancy services to clients who are required to obtain CE Marking certification compliant with BS EN ISO 1090.

ARGoMAS Ltd can provide CE Marking Services for clients who provide design, supply and fabrication services for steel frame buildings. We can offer a complete certification package including provision of an initial gap analysis, identification of steps required to produce a Factory Process Control system and associated procedures and documents necessary for obtaining CE approval.

How we can help

ARGoMAS Ltd appreciate the issues that CE Marking poses to the wide variety of clients involved with steel fabrication and have the ability to develop a Factory Production Control system to suit your business needs.

Management systems experience

With over 20 years experience in facilitating development and implementation of business management systems across a variety of business sectors, ARGoMAS Ltd have the relevant knowledge and experience to guide you through the complicated process of certification with as little disruption to your day to day business as possible. We offer a value for money service and a guarantee to achieving compliance with BS EN 1090.

Free no obligation quote

ARGoMAS Ltd are happy to answer any questions you may have on the process and invite you to contact us for a no obligation quote. A site visit can be conducted at your premises to assist with preparing your gap analysis and providing you with further details on the process. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Responsible Welding Coordinator Training

ARGoMAS Ltd can facilitate provision of relevant training and have links to training providers for the Responsible Welding Coordinators Course, which is essential if you intend to fabricate to’ Execution Class 2’.

Please call Andrew on 0773588611 , Email enquiries@argomas.co.uk or use our Contact Form for further information.