Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Why do I need this?

UK and devolved Governments have stated that businesses wanting to reopen as lockdown measures are eased, will be required to adapt infection control strategies based on a thorough Covid-19 specific risk assessment. Your Covid-19 risk assessment is about control of infection and is different to a typical risk assessment you are probably used to.

When do I need this?

Before re-opening a business there is a duty for employers to manage risks, and normal health and safety legislation still applies. You should review and update existing risk assessments taking account of the most up to date Covid-19 information provided by the UK and devolved Governments.

What key factors require consideration?

The risk of worker exposure to Covid-19 will vary greatly depending on the industry type and interaction with others, i.e. fellow workers, customers, visitors and other 3rd parties. Most workers excluding the frontline medical sector fall in the lower or medium exposure risk levels as follows: 

Lower exposure risk

Workers who have minimal occupational contact with the public and other co-workers.

Medium exposure risk

Workers who have frequent/close contact with others in e.g. education, offices, call centres, retail outlets, construction, client premises domestic and non-domestic.

How do I know what to include?

A risk assessment for Covid-19 requires that you understand potential hazards with spread of infection including:-

  • where and how the work is carried out
  • contamination of work area/tools/plant & equipment
  • contamination of shared company transportation
  • transmission to others within the workplace or home 

It is also important that you understand measures to control such risks e.g.

  • re-design of work-spaces and access procedures
  • adopting specific safe work practices (social distancing)
  • providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent worker exposure
  • providing training and guidance on working safely to minimise spread of Covid-19

Remember: A risk assessment is only effective if you and your staff act on it. You must follow through with any actions required and review it on a regular basis.

Who should avoid returning to the workplace?

Shielded "extremely vulnerable" people - such as those with various cancers or severe respiratory conditions - will still have to work from home, and non-shielded "vulnerable" people should still work from home wherever possible. 

Those who are able to work from home should continue to do so.

Who needs to do my risk assessment?

Health and safety legislation requires a competent person to compile a risk assessment. You may already have a Health & Safety professional within your business or this may be outsourced. Alternatively, you may have no access to such advice. 

Whatever your circumstances ARGoMAS Ltd. is well placed to support any business with Covid-19 Risk Assessment. 

Do you have a competent person to write your risk assessment?


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Useful information 

You should ensure that you follow the latest advice available from the UK Government, Public Health Agency, Public Health England/Wales/Scotland/NI which is available at the following link and incorporate this information into your risk assessment.

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