ISO 45001

What is it?

ISO 45001, in simple terms, is an occupational health and safety standard that helps a company to identify, control and improve its health and safety performance. Implementing the Standard sends a clear signal to your stakeholders that you view employee’s health and safety as a principal priority within the company.

Why would I need it?

Many organisations require ISO 45001 certification to help qualify for a tender, to achieve preferred supplier status, or simply to make a difference if you are bidding for contracts or tenders. It will ensure compliance with health & safety legislation, and may result in cost savings for the business.

Benefits can include:

  • Increasing employee motivation through the provision of a safer workplace and participation process
  • Ensuring health and well-being of employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders, e.g. customers and the general public
  • Ensures legal awareness and compliance
  • Reducing accident and incident rates by reducing and elimination of workplace hazards
  • Improving the incident/accident investigation process
  • Identifying your hazards, conducting risk assessments and developing control measures

Most importantly though by establishing an OH&S management system you can help to eliminate or minimise risk to your employees and other parties who may be exposed to OH&S risks associated with your activities. What is involved? In addition to the entire process relating to ISO9001, we will help you to identify significant occupational health and safety risks and control measures and identify legislation applicable to your business. ARGoMAS will facilitate development of your health and safety objectives, targets and programmes and assist your business to achieve certification.

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ISO 45001:2018 helps a business to identify, manage and eliminate occupational health and safety risks and hazards. It has become the certified health and safety standard of choice. It can help you turn uncontrolled hazards into controlled risks, improve working conditions, and meet legal requirements – and save you money!

Benefits of ISO 45001 include a structured approach to controlling risks, healthier and safer working conditions and reducing accidents and ill-health. This can lead to improved compliance, less lost time, and a more motivated workforce. It can lead to reduction in liability claims and lower insurance premiums.